Lead your Bulu Monster to Victory!

  • Discover and capture 150+ monster
  • Build and train your epic monster team
  • Battle with thousands of trainers all over the world


Each Monster have their unique set of skills
Collect 150+ Monsters! Waiting you to collect
A lot of baby bulu monster
evolve you monster to a mature froms!
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Game Trailer


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    “The best game since I played Pokémon. This game has excellent story in ways to display courtesy. ”
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    “Im kind of thinking about giving them $10 worth of iAP because this is a game i truly like.”
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    “The fact that it can be played offline should be reason enough for most to try! ”

Game Play

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    1. Become a Trainer

    In the Bulu Monster, you act as a Monster Trainer throughout your grand adventure. You will visit many places and discover countless Bulu Monster across the Bulu Island, and your objective is to capture and train monsters for battle. Along the way, you will encounter many people and events which make your adventure more and more amazing!
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    2. Choose your Monster

    At the beginning of your journey, you will choose one of the three monsters: Firechick, Minitoise, and Willy. A small stock of Capture Balls will be given so that you can catch more and more monsters to build up your party.
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    3. Defeat other Trainers

    You’ll have to battle with plenty of other trainers as you progress through your adventure.
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    4. Complete the Monster Book

    As the second goal of your journey, see every monster in the Bulu Island and complete your Monster Book.The Monster Book is a record of all the Monster that you have seen. It displays the monsters’ type, ability, skills and whether you’ve already caught it.
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    5. Explore and discover!

    Explore an exciting world and discover even more monsters. Capture, Train and Battle in your way to enjoy your adventure!

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