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Merry Christmas! Christmas and Coin is Dungeons and Coin with Christmas outlook!
It already avaialbe on the app store! Get it for free now!
Dungeons & Coins 1.2 version has New Features include:
- Naughty Joker become good :P
- New Stunning Shaking feature!
- Additional 22 New collectibles
- Equip magic into your slot machine
- Shop system
- 2 Quest mini game
- 4 Super Magic Stone Enchantment
- Bug fix
- Increase offline coins to Max 25
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New feature in 1.2 Update
(Not yet available in app store)
New feature in 1.0.1 Update

It could regenerate max 20 coin while offline. Remember to use up those 20 coin before offline, otherwise you can only regenerate the coin you used.


To kill the monster, you have to push the coin into slot machine trigger bucket and make it spin!
When the slot machine is match 3 magic spell Symbol, you can use the attack / magic to kill the monster!


Kill the monster to get the orbs! Get the Orbs can generate more coins to the pool!
You can get more coins from the coin box, treasure box, super treasure too!